Kerrektur eines englischen Textes...

  • Hallo zusammen,

    ich wollte euch bitten, mir meine englisch Fehler zu verbessern.
    Ich als student möchte einer bekannten helfen, wieder einen job zu finden. Da wollte ich Ihr diesen Text übersetzen...

    Würde mich über eure Hilfe freuen!


    Hier nun der Text:


  • Why shopping is not a walk.
    Berlin, the city of fun, the city of culture, sport… But above all, the ideal city for shopping.
    In Berlin there are streets, avenues and passages out of the guides which are hidden treasures for "shopping". My job is to give you professional advice for a good appearance, help you choosing from a host of clothes and accessories and suggest you the best combinations according to your style and personal and social needs.

    But before we start you should know two things: your taste and your budget.

    Personal Shopper
    The personal shopper is a professional person who knows about fashion, the brands, products, prices and stores.
    Relying on a personal shopper means saving time and going directly to the point without wasting time.
    As a personal shopper I offer my customers different options depending on their budget and their available time (also purchases upon request).

    How the personal shopper works:
    • Schedule a meeting to tell me what you need.
    • Organize a shopping tour to the selected stores and keep your style, priorities and budget in mind• Organize the movements and the time of the purchases.

    My role as a personal shopper will be: (vllt "to"?)
    • Fulfil all your needs.
    • Give you tips about new trends.
    • Recommend the choice of accessories that suit yourself best.
    • Buy important gifts or simple details for you.

    • The price for 2 hours (minimum service) Personal Shopper is € 50.00. Hourly added worth € 20.00
    • The personal shopper service will be for a maximum of 3 persons.
    • Taxi, breakfast, lunch, extra expenses will be borne by the client.
    • Budgets customized for groups of more than 3 persons on the basis of:
    - Hours
    - number of people

    "Shopping" on demand
    The personal shopper is also available on order.
    From searching for a gift for business to the search for a specific article to send anywhere in the world.
    hier eventuell looking for, bin mir aber nicht ganz sicher

    “I don't want to make money, I just want to be wonderful” - Marilyn Monroe

    Image Consultant. A relief "fashion" for a special event.
    The Custom Image Advice helps enhance the image of the person who, in turn, enhance their personal qualities. There are occasions when any extra help can be very useful.
    My job is to offer you advice for a good appearance, with a team of professionals aesthetics.

    My assignment as Adviser Image staff for special events will be:
    • Organize "outings" of specific shopping to buy everything that is needed for the event.
    • Planning meetings makeup custom.
    • Use the experience of a hair stylist to cut and dye hair.

    Das wären erstmal meine Vorschläge, aber lass das mal noch jemand anderen durchgucken.