comparing of two adverts

  • Kann mir bitte jemand den nachfolgenden Text über eine Werbeanzeige aus einer Zeitschrift korriegieren?
    (Ich soll zwei Werbungen miteinander vergleichen.)
    die zwiete werbung is noch in arbeit

    My second advertisment is about the new Peugeot 308CC.
    This advertisment is divided into three areas. On the top of the advert is a sentence "Duft vom Novemberwald" / "smell of the November forrest". Under this sentence the viewer can see the car. It is a cabriolet, in a eyecatching white colur. If I compare this advert with the SEAT; I can point out that the Peugeot avert is more expenditurelly (aufwändiger gestaltet?) than the SEAT advert. I think that it was more expensive to shoot it.
    At the bottom of the advert is a special offer of the luxurious car. Each of them has got a special neck-heater.(nackenheizung)
    The customer has got the possibility to drive during each season with the new cabrolet from P.
    On the one hand - connected to the SEAT - it is more luxuriolully car, but on the other hand it is only a two seater. The patrol consumption is higher than the SEAT , but both of them has got five stars in the NCAP crash test. The logo of P. is on the right side at the bottom. Thats another different aspect, because the SEAT sign is at the right top. The slogan of the cabrilet from P. is "open for each season".

    My point of view:
    At the first moment, when i saw this advert, I was shocked, because it is spring and not autum. But if I THink it over it is clever from Peugeot to do it. The customers buy yet a new P. cabrolet and they can use ist over the whole year. The company of P. has got produced a commercial spot about this advert.
    A men is driving this car across a forrest. After a short time he is at his house. His wife is asks him: Do you have got a new perfume? The men is answers: "nO its the new way home.

    bitte um verbesserungvorschläge - auch für ein besseres englisch. es ist mir zum teil recht einfach gehalten, aber ich weiß nicht wie ich es besser hinbekommen kann. darum wäre ich über hilfe dankbar. thx vllt. könnt ihr mir sagen wo ich noch so ein paar phrases reinpacken kann:)

  • Hi!



    das Wort gibt es nicht... verwende z.B. "designed more elaborate"


    two seater

    two-seater oder twoseater


    connected to the SEAT

    soll warscheinlich eher "compared to the SEAT" heißen...


    it is more luxuriolully car



    higher than the SEAT

    higher than the one of the SEAT


    But if I THink it over it

    But, if I reconsider it, ...


    is clever from Peugeot to do it

    is clever from Peugeot to do so.


    The customers buy yet a new P. cabrolet

    The customers buy a new P. cabrolet yet



    This advertisment is divided into three areas

    "Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres"
    Kam mir doch irgendwie bekannt vor... ^^

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