• A friend has asked you to go on a backppacking tour of Europe with him/her next summer. Decide whether to accept or not, and write a letter explaining your decision.

    Mein Vorschlag

    I don´t know quite
    We must save a lot of money by getting a rail pass to take us from place to place.
    And I have some questions for you.
    Estimate how many countries and how many train rides we are planning on?
    And see what kind of passes they offer?
    When we are planning on flying we need to know how expensive the flights are.
    I was wondering if there are any tips you would give first time backpackers ? How to get really experience the true culture of the countries?
    And What is the best time of year to go? Is it best to avoid summer to miss the big crowds, or is it better to go when lots of others are there and all attractions are open?
    So you see, I am unsafe .
    Explain to me, then maybe we can go.

    Sinngemäß ok?