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  • Ich musste diesen Text übersetzen und weiss nicht ob ich ein paar Stilfehler oder andere gemacht habe.
    N.Y. City is the largest city of the USA.
    There live more than seven Millions people.
    The city is split in five Boroughs: Queens Staten Island, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Manhattan. At the tourists is certain Manhattan most popularly.
    At the second day of our vacation, we made a bus trip trough Harlem.
    Some streets looked really very miserably.
    We saw some young people who played basketball.
    We wanted too to make also an excursion around Manhattan with the ship, but the weather was too bad.
    On next day we drove to the Empire State Building, was once the highest building of the world.
    You didn’t notice that the elevator was moved, all the way up and we were sudden on the 89th floor.
    I hadn’t notice that we stopped.
    On the observatory I heard speak persons in much varied languages.
    But again we had no good fortune with the weather; it heard simply not um rainig, and so we wer not able to see how the sun go down behind the skyscraper.