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    In reservoirs there are about 73 kinds of fishes: a white and black cupid, lenok, kaluga, a keta, a sazan, Amur bream, the sturgeon, the grayling, the burbot, silver carp, a pike, and also other kinds. 7 kinds brought in the Red book of the Russian Federation. In the Far East work two fish-separating plants which they produce 65 million roe corns per year from the Salmonidae fishes.

    EAO is characterized by unique history; it is created in the beginning 1930- X it is annual as nation- territorial formation for the migrants, who left themselves there already for the years of the Soviet regime, in the territory, it is earlier than not been by the place of the dense population center of this people. Jew- migrants, who arrived in the Amur Region into 1920 - 1930- e years, and their descendants never composed the majority of population AO, but after scale emigration into Israel into 1970 - 1990- e years became very small minority. However, name and status of autonomous region, supported by unique symbolic- cultural coloring and historical fate, remains.

    The city of Birobidzhan

    Birobidzhan, city in the Russian Federation, is the center of the Jewish autonomous region, is located on lowland Sredneamurskoj, on river Bira (inflow river Amur), in 172 km to the West from Khabarovsk. Unit of railroad lines and highways. The airport.
    The population is 79,3 thousand person (2001).
    The basic industries: work wooding, the light industry, the food industry, mechanical engineering ("Dalselmash"). Work wooding combine, the auto repair factory, the Birobidzhan factory of power transformers. Factories: knitted (association "Victoria", "Diamant"), textile (sewing association "Hope"), shoe factory, furniture factory.

    Official date of a birth of Birobidzhan it is considered 1932 when the working settlement has been transformed by the decision of Presidium VTSIK (ALL-RUSSIAN CENTRAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE) to city. However its history begins earlier. Per 1928 the first Jewish immigrants have arrived on small and imperceptible station Tikhonkaya to lodge here forever.
    Since then has passed more than 65 years. Birobidzhan became grew, became the administrative, economic, cultural center of the independent subject of the Russian Federation - to the Jewish autonomous region.

    Here person lives about hundred thousand.
    Last years special development was received with the Jewish national culture. And it is natural. But traditions of city remain: Birobidzhan was, is and will be a place where peacefully live and harmoniously people of different nationalities develop the culture.

    The arms of city of Birobidzhan
    On a background of the Menorah - a symbol of Jewish people, green color represents a hill with a television tower. At its bottom the river Bira proceeds.