Könnt ihr das mal bitte lesen, und sagen was nicht gut ist..

  • Aufgabe 1

    1. I live in Ahrensburg. It is a little town near Hamburg.
    2. I usually get up at seven o’clock in the morning.
    3. After getting up, I drink a cup of coffee and smoke a cigarette.
    4. For my holidays I’m going to Mallorca this year.
    5. I will swim in the sea and enjoy the time with my family.
    6. When the telephone rings, I answer it.
    7. Try not to think about so many things.
    8. I’m not going to this guide until I’m finished.

    Aufgabe 2

    Dear Mum,

    I hope you are feeling better. Something curious has happened. I thought about my friend Jennifer, who I hadn’t seen in a very long time and the next day I’ve seen her in the bank. She stood right in front of me. Probably you remember her?! But I think if you saw her, you would recognize her.
    We talked a little while and I invited her to my place for the weekend. She will stay for two days. She told me that she is working as a cook in a restaurant now. I’m very happy for her, because that’s what she ever wanted to be. Now I’m not worried about her future anymore.
    She has really changed. Furthermore she is living with her boyfriend now.
    After that weekend I want to visit her in Hamburg and do the shopping there or just talk a little bit more. I’m exited to get to know her boyfriend and to see how she lives.
    I’ll write you another letter next week and will tell you what we will have done.

    Kisses and hugs,


    Aufgabe 3

    1. I met this woman in front of our house.
    2. She wanted to bring us some cake and a cup of tea – I love this woman.
    3. This Wednesday is the best day of the week.
    4. I’m sitting in my chair and writing a letter to my friend in Switzerland.
    5. I’m playing the piano and I’m watching on the streets where the water runs down the stairs.
    6. I turn on the radio and listen to the music.
    7. My beauty is very important for me. That’s the reason why I’ve spent my last penny at the hair-stylist yesterday.
    8. As I looked through the window, I saw the church for the first time of my life.
    9. We wanted to go to the cinema, but we hadn’t enough money.
    10. It fills me with pride to see my new garden with the beautiful flowers.
    11. My dog brings me pieces of wood everyday.
    12. Our child Jennifer is very happy, because today’s her birthday.
    13. We are spending the whole summer at the beach.
    14. My best friend had a fight with his father – I envy his calm.
    15. Me and my husband are living in sin.

    Aufgabe 4


    1. My friend told me yesterday that he always wants what he can’t get.
    2. You often visit your grandmother, because you like her a lot.
    3. Sometimes it is hard to believe that you are living in Australia now.
    4. You must never forget I’m always by your side.

    b) Come as quickly as possible into the garden.
    c) Yesterday I travelled to London to see the Big Ben.
    d) I haven’t seen you for two hours, because you were busily engaged in systematizing the work of your office.
    e) One afternoon I walked very slowly down the road, because I was sad.

    Aufgabe 5

    I woke up at nine o’clock on Saturday. I really enjoyed the thought of not working this day.
    I wanted to stay at home, but suddenly I changed my mind and called my friend Lily. She wanted to do the shopping and I agreed with her.
    We planned to go to Hamburg by train. We heard a common voice behind us. It was our friend Nicole and she wanted to go to Hamburg too. She was pleased as we decided to go together. At first we wanted to eat something but Lily looked forward to going into big shopping centers. I don’t like that behaviour, because I think it is very selfish.
    After the lunch we did the shopping for three hours. We were very glad that we found the things we were looking for.
    It was a successful day and slowly it began to get dark outside. We wanted to go home.
    We waited a long time, but the train didn’t arrive. It was cold and uncomfortable. We tried to find someone to ask. One minute later, the train arrived and we could go home. I wasn’t able to walk anymore, because my feet hurt. So we waved a taxi cab to stop for us. Lying in my bed, I remembered the day with a good feeling.