zusammenfassng. engl. zeitung=club bitte rasche VERBESSERUNG

  • The main idea (Club Nov/Dez)

    Superohero Stilts ,a new invention ,make it possible to run faster to jump higher and to make you super-skint. Superhero-Stilts costs 317€. The Underwater UK is an actually happening. The Floods in England threaten the people and the risk of flooding could rise. Many people in the UK admit to wilfing. The word „wilfing“ is a new word in the UK wich means surfing in the internet without a purpose. CCTV cameras were installed in many ccuntrys. The most of the CCTV cameras installed in the UK. The advantage of CCTV cameras is that the police is able to catch thiefs and fraud gangs but the disadvantages of the cameras are that CCTV could even help some criminals, that you can’t have a technical solution and terrorists would have an advantage. The greatest critism is that CCTV cameras threaten people’s privacy because parents monitoring their nannies or schools film students in classrooms. There are a lot of disadvantages mentioned by governments and directors but Cordington who works as a CCTV camera operater sees no problem with the cameras. Two teenagers were interviewed. They tell their view about CCTV cameras. Both are for CCTV cameras. In November and December are four things really hot in the UK. First of all the new I-Phone, than the wellington boots called „Wellies, concerts for causes and salty sandwiches. Mika a half-Lebanese gives an interview. His class mates bullied him, he got bad marks and got very lonely. But he found his talent in making music and became a pop sensation. Nowadays he enjoys his success but he is still lonely. Another familiar human is Kate Moss. She is born in South Scotland. Moss was and is an anti model because she didn’t accord to the ideas of a model. She modellings a lot and works hard. Kate Moss had got a boyfriend, Pete Doherty, who had a bad influence on her. But times later she became a populate designer. Two boys, Craig and Douglas, were interviewed about independence for their country. Craig is for the independence for Scotland because Scotland could become more successful and that now Scotland has no role in shaping the disicion in the E.U. Douglas is against this idea because he doesn’t think that Scotland will be able to survive without assistance from England and he fears that the Scottish members of parliament in London would not come in the country. Some facts to know more about the history of Scotland. In 121-129 Romans built Hadrian’s wall. In 1296 started the first war of scottish independence. In 1332 started the second war of independence. In 1746 was the battle of Colluden. This was the last conflict between Scotland and England. At 1th July 1999 the Scottish voted for their own parliament. Club introduce the book of ignorance. It tells about the Scottish traditions and important happenings in Scotland. Everybody knows the name of the famous Portuguese football player. His name is Christian Ronaldo. He comes from Madeira. With 12 he had to leave home but he was signed for millions of dollars at Manchester United. With the money sweet Ronaldo helps his parents. The brief characteristics is the last story in „Club“.[/u]