Pruefungsvortrag - koennte eventuell jemand verbessern?

  • Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31st.
    It is a short form oft the English appellation 'All Hallows Eve' and it designates the evening before All Saint's Day.
    For over 5000 years the Celtic year ended on the night of October 31st. This day was called Samhein.Summer was over now and the dark season started. People thought that those who died the year before came back to the place where they lived.
    The dead shouldn't come together with the living people so the living people putted meals and drinks for the undead so as to appease the visitors from the other world.
    As a result of the legend of Jack O. originated the Jack O'Lantern. The legend says that Jack O. was a very evil man and in his lifetime he fooled the devil. He was too evil to came to heaven but the devil didn't want to accept him in hell. So the devil gave him a turnip with with a piece glowing carbon so he can march through the darkness between heaven and hell.
    So they cut scary faces in turnips that the undead thought in this house already exist a blasted soul.
    In the 19th Century Irish immigrants brought this custom to America and it became an important folk festival in Canada and America. The American celebrate this festival with much ardor even when it is just the pleasure in the spooky and not to banish bad ghosts.
    From America it came to Europe. The European festival is more bright than the American and it isn't as scary as the American festival.In Germany it became more popular every year, especially with children, because the children masquerade as witches, ghosts, scelletons, vampires and other figures and they go from house to house where they ask for sweets. If they do not get some, the kids play pranks. That is called 'trick or treat'.
    Typical for halloween is:
    The Jack O'Lantern. This is a pumpkin whose top and stem are cut out and funny or scary faces are engraved in it, put down to the Celtic beets that should keep the undead away.Trick or treat, masquerading and halloween partys.

    So.. Das hab ich hingewurstelt. Waer froh wenn mal jemand nen Blick drauf werfen koennt..

  • In gruen meine Korrekturen, keine Garantie, dass die alle korrekt sind, lebe aber zur Zeit in den USA von daher bin ich ziemlich gut in der Sprache drin. Eine Frage habe ich allderings: In welcher Art und Weise ist denn Halloween in Amerika duesterer und "scarier" als in Deutschland?

    lg Julia