dringend :o

  • Hallihallo
    Ich muss eine Summary für nen bestimmten Abschnitt eines textes schreiben.. das hab ich nun getan, da ich in Grammatik je doch absolut grottenschlecht bin wäre es seeehr freundlich würde jemand sich den text durchlesen und ihn evtl. korriegieren :-)
    Ich muss ihn nämlich bis heute Abend meiner lehrerin schicken.
    Danke im Vorraus :)

    The Story "Mildred" by Colby Rodowsky is about a girl named Mildred who has a 13-years older sister which makes many problems. In Line 27 to 67 Mildred tells us about her Sister Susie which always disappears. For example at Mildred's first birthday party she remembers, Susie was gone. A policeman comes and Mildred's parents huddle upstairs next to the telephone, because they wait for a call from Susie. She comes back at Christmas and the parents pretend nothing had happened. Another time she leaves the night of Mildred's piano recital or at Mildred's sixth birthday etc.. It's always the same story. Susie leaves, Susie comes back.