Bitte um korrektur.

  • Habe den Text jetzt noch einmal überarbeitet und würde mich über eine korrektur eurer seits freuen. Wie ist es mit den Zeiten? ich will es morgen vortragen(also das Publikum mit einbeziehen) Bitte um Vorschläge!

    At first view you see a woman who is sitting on a chair. The woman is wearing a strinkig (auffalenden) orange miniskirt.

    At second view you are seeing that this woman is the icon Madonna.
    She is wearing the orange miniskirt, a fishnet pantyhose and high stilletos. Also she is wearing matching colour brachlets in orange. Her hair is typical blond and her lips red.

    We choose the strinkig colours to attract attention.

    She is having a strong, powerful and confident look in her eyes. She is wearing the bag, which she promote on her shoulder.

    The Bag is big, brown and typical Louis Vouitton. The logos are golden an the margens, too. The golden colour show the Viewer the quality of the bag.

    In the background you are seeing a dark and smokey french Bistro. (Der Hintergrund wurde von uns extra unauffällig gestaltet damit Madonna und die Tasche zur Geltung kommen) (Aus diesem Grund gibt es in dieser Werbung auch keinen Slogan, sondern nur schlichter Louis Vuitton Schriftzug in der Anzeige unten rechts)

    The advertisement arouse the peoples attention because of the very popular model and also the logo „Louis Vuitton“ catchest the attention of the people.

    This advertisement could make people want to buy because the model is a trendsetter and it is trying to exploit the personality appeal, which means that a famous person, like Madonna, is shown wearing this product. It is also trying to exploit the snob effect, which means that the product is very expensive and because of this not everyone can afford this product.

  • Well, ... if you ask earlier, the chance that someone will answer increases.