Englisch übersetzung

  • Hallo! Ich brauchte ganz dringend hilf ein englisch... nämlich dieses sätze übersetzen.

    The Village kindergarten has been open since september 2000 and has built a reputation for qualitiy childcare in the area.

    Registered for only 26 places (six babies under 2 years andtwenty 2- to 5-year olds), our nursery has been a small friendly unit with a family-style atmosphere.

    The babies have their own "protexted" area, with toys and cots for naps, but join the older children as much as possible for activities and at every mealtime.

    There are crearive or "messy" areas, a quiet book corner and a role-play area that can be a baby-room, a cafe or hairdresser's depending on the topic that week.

    Upstairs the older children are encouraged to join in calculating and literacy activities.

    With a large library of books and basic computer games there is plenty of choice to help each child develop at their own speed.

    On the basis of our philosophy which encourages active learning through play we use lots of interactive games and activities to keep learning fun.

    At village kindergarten we also think it is very important to help the children to develop social skills, preparing them for the more formal environment at school.

    Each child is allowed to grow and develop at their own speed.

    Table manners and thinking of others, taking turns and sharing, toilet-training and dressing independently are all part of growing up.

    And sometimes all this is really difficult to learn when you're toddler.

    We encourage them to leran while keeping their interest and let them enjoy their childhoof as well as help them to achieve their milestones in life.

    Wäre echt super wenn mir jemand helfen könnte. Brauch es für eine schulaufghabe..