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  • Ja, ich sollte eine Biographie von Toni Morrsion erarbeiten. Nun wollte ich euch mal fragen, ob der Satzbau auch Richtig ist.

    Muss das Morgen abgeben.^^

    Toni Morrisons real name is Chloe Ardelia Wofford and she was born on February 18, 1931 in Lorain. Lorain is a little city in the U.S.state Ohio. Toni Morrison is a black American writer and she plays a prominent role for the African American literature.

    She was the second of four children of George Wofford and Ramah Willis Wofford. The familie came from the south of the USA to escape racism and to find better life in the north. Her father worked hard for his familie, in some times he had three jobs. Her mother went constant to the church. In this time, Toni heard many storys and songs about black history. In the basic school she was the only black schoolgirl and she could read already in the first class. In the basic school she has no problems with racism in contrast, she had many white friends in her school, but her father was racist. He hated all white humans, but Toni doesn’t interested this topic.
    She left 1949 the Lorain High School and she made a graduate with honors. Toni went to Woshington D.C. and she regsitrated at the Howard University and her main subject was English studies. Toni Morrison graduated from Howard University in 1953 with a B.A.( Bachelor of Arts) in English.
    In this time she made many travels to the south of the USA and saw for first time the life of the blacks there, the life her parents had escaped by moving north.
    After this time, Toni went to the Texas Southern University in Huston as english instracture, but this school dosen’t wont to taught black things, therefore she left this school 1957. She returned to Howard University as a member of faculty and there she met Harold Morrison, a Jamaican architect she married in 1958.
    The first son, Harold Ford Morrison, was born in 1961. In this time Toni joined a small writer's group as a temporary escape from her unhappy married life. She needed other people which respect her wish to write storys. At this group, she made first experience to write small storys and novels. Her marriage failed, and while she was pregnant with their second child and she left her husband, left her job at the university, and took her son on a trip to Europe. Later, she returned to her parents house in Lorain with her two sons.
    1964 she left to New York City and begun as text writer at the Random House, three years later, she became a senior editor position at the Random House. While editing books by prominent black Americans like Muhammad Ali, Andrew Young and Angela Davis, she was busy sending her own novel to various publishers, The Bluest Eye. Her first book was belauded, but it wasn’t a commercial hit. At about that time she worked as a english teacher at State University of New York.
    She wrote 1973 the novel Sula and was nominated for the 1975 National Book Award in fiction. Whit her novel Song of Solomon, 1977, she won the National Book Critic's Circle Award, the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters Award.
    She left after this success her job possition and went 1987 to the Princeton University and became as a first black woman writer to hold a named chair at an Ivy League University. 1993 she bekame as first black woman the Nobel Prize for Literature. Today she lives alone in New York Citie and assists the politic of Barack Obama.

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