Englisch Hasaufgaben korrecktur! HILFE!!

  • Ich bitte vielmals diesen Brief zu einem Thema aus dem Buch English G 2000 zu korregieren. Man muss nicht das buch haben, also der Inhalt selbst muss nicht korregiert werden!! aber die RECHTSCHREIBUNG!!! :(

    Hello Henry,
    Sorry, but I can’t understand you!
    We are always best friends and then you leaved me alone on the North Slope, 45 Miles from the nearest town.
    I only thank when the snow doesn’t kill me, the bears will!
    Henry, I think we will never be friends again, but I can’t live with this story.
    I want to have an argument…
    And I already called the police Henry… I don’t do it because I want to see you in the prison, but nobody knows where you are.
    To survive on North Slope wasn’t easy, but I know a lot about the old Inuit traditions and drank the Ice, ate the rabbit and so on!
    It was terrible.
    Very terrible…
    I hope you will see this letter at any time. It’s not important you write me back or only think about it.
    But please do anything…
    Thank you and I hope you are courageously enough to talk with me in the Future.