Bitte Korrektur und Tipps

  • Ich muss einen Kurzvortrag über Tennessee im Sezessionskrieg halten. Was haltet ihr davon?:
    Tennessee is located in the South of the Middle-USA, but it had only a few plantations, neverthe-less, Tennessee agreed with slavery.
    Tennesseans (people living in Tennessee) even voted against sending delegates to a secession convention. That was a meeting to discuss about a separation. They rejected secession until the Fort Sumter crisis forced them to choose sides and Lincoln called for volunteers for the army and tries to force the Confederacy rejoining the Union. Then, public sentiment turned dramatically against the Union.
    East Tennessee with Kingsport voted after these events still against a separation, but West Ten-nessee for a separation. The deciding vote came in Middle Tennessee: 88% were for secession. It was the last state joining the Confederacy
    In Tennessee were the most battles, because it was in the north of the Confederacy. Some 10,000 military engagements took place during the war, 40% of them in Virginia and Tennessee. Only Virginia had more battles than Tennessee. Tennessee was returned to Union control early in the war, but the control of different region changed often. When the Union took Tennessee, and Ten-nessee and two other states became a member of the Union in 1864 again, the economy of the Confederacy was destroyed and that caused a lot of famines.
    After the war, Tennessee adopted a new constitution that abolished slavery. It was the first state which readmitted to the Union
    There are even a lot of “Tennessee Civil War Homepages” because it is a very important happen-ing in the USA. That is why there are also a lot of monuments of the war in Tennessee.
    Kingsport was before the war a wealthy town, but afterwards, it lost his importance and fortunes for a lot of years.