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    English a worl language

    I write a text about English a world language. I learn English since 8 years. Mosst lightly falls to me the reading part into English. 340 million people speak English as her mother tongue.
    How many people English speak as a bilingual, about that one is not exactly in the clear.
    In English is taught in a lot of countries as the first foreign language in the schools and is official language of many international organisation.
    There are advantages and postshares for the English world langugage.
    Advantages are a language, understand everywhere, flexible language, easy to lean and for about 300 Mio. People the first language. Postshares are different dialects, small languages might die owt and English – speaking countries may have an advantage against other ones.
    There are many discussions about the first language.
    In my opinion is English a nice language and is easily to be learnt.

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    Lg Dési