text schreiben

  • 1.please write a story in the past tense.please write 100-150 words.

    start like this:

    Kevin and Michael in London.
    Kevin was already at the station when Michael arrived.They wanted to go to lonon togehter.....

    2.put verbs in brackets into the past tense.

    a.ralph_____________(not to be) in the USA.
    b.Carol ____________ (to go) to the cinema.
    c.Mrs Davenport_____________ (not to read) the newspaper.
    d.Mr Davenport______________ (to buy) some flowers.
    e.Roger ________________(not to go) to the cinema.
    f.Yesterday it _____________ (to rain).
    g.They_____________(to be)happy about the weather.
    h.Colin and Kevin__________ (not to have) ice-cream,but they __________(to have coffe).

    3.please translate the following sentences.

    a.als frau davenport nach hause kam,war niemand zuhause.
    b.herr davenport konnte den fehler nicht finden.
    c.carol bekam eine bluse,die sie sofort anprobierte.
    d.als frau davenport gerade gehen wollte,traf sie joan winter,eine ehmalige schulfreundin.
    e.die winters waren so arm,dass sie sich keine goldenen eheringe leisten konnten.