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    What can we do to save our environment more efficiently?

    Our environment will be more and more polluted and responseble therefor are the households, the traffic and the industrial production.

    There are a lot of ways to save the environment but which is the most promissing and most efficient?

    I think to reduce the using of fossil fuil is bright and instead of fossil fuil we could use renewable enery sources like wind-, solar and water power.
    For example the cars could be powerd by renewable energy sources like hydroggen.
    Hydroggen has many advantages it is widley avaible its locked up in water and the only emission is water. But the problem is if we produce it, we would set carbon dioxed free too. We must also produce it with other renewable energy sources.

    Other possible solutions for the households could be do deter the car driver with road pricing by satalite, the people who whant from A to B would pay for each mile(and this mony could invastigated for development, or the extending of the rail way system) or they would use public transport systems.

    Athor solutions could be that state would support the housholds with using energy saving lamps. As a result mor people would by it.

    I think we had just in the last year many bad environmental effects and we must do now somthing. And if people would though how they come from A to B it woul be a beginning and the people coul save a lot of mony.

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