ENGLISCHERTEXT Bitte drüberschauen wegen Gramatik! :-)

  • Hallo :-)

    Kann mir jemand helfen, hab gaaanz schwere Hausaufgaben (zumnindest für mich) auf^^...

    Meine Hausaufgabe besteht aus drei Telen und bezieht sich auf eine Biographie einem Amerikanischen soldaten der im Vietnam krieg um 1960 kämpfte.
    Der 2. Teil meiner Hausaufgabe besteht darin, zu einem Text auf Englisch eine Frage zu beantworten. Die Aufgabenstellung bezog sich auf den Text, und lautete:
    Describe and explain the various steps and events that caused Ron Kovic to change his opinions concerning the war.
    Ich hoffe ich habe das so richtig gemacht und keine Nacherzählung angefertigt?!
    Reicht das so aus, ist das so gut?!

    The first step that caused Ron Kovic to change his opinion concerning the war was in the hospital. There he thought about and wanted to know, why he and the other comrades had gone there at all when he settled back into his apartment, and he was sitting there alone he listening to the radio. On the radio he heard about the Kent State shootings where four students were killed from Ohio National Guard. Ron Konvic was shocked.
    The second step for his turn of opinion was the rally on the campus. Crowds of students were all over the place. They demonstrated there, banners were going up and their handing out leaflets. He decided to participate because he felt that this people felt like him. But he took an interest in it, but with a hesitant feeling and he liked it. Then he decided to visit a second huge rally in Washington (Ellipse) which a woman presented during the meeting, hoping that lots of people would come. He went there with his cousins husband Skip. Skip’s views concerning the war were different from Kovic’s, he was against the war.
    That’s another event why he changed his opinion about the war. There was a non-violent demonstration, people started to dance, there was a warm atmosphere and it seemed to him that these peoples share everything together, they were all together in a very important place.

    Vielen Dank lieben GRUß!!! Anni