short story "korrgieren" (circa 100 wörter)

  • Hallo :) könntet ihr vlt mal diesen Absatz von meiner kurzgeschichte nach Fehlern durchsehen? Hoffe, dass ist nicht allzu viel :( wenn doch, dann lasst es- aber danke dass ihr reingesehen habt

    „It was one of our men“ Rufus threw the bloody I.D card on his desk. My hand shivered when I grasped it. Before looking at the picture, I read the lines under it. „General Affairs Department“
    I glanced at the person I was so familiar with.
    „It's a mistake!“
    „No. He confessed to the murder and..“ he stagnated
    „They will shoot him tonight“
    I rushed to the Shinra Police Station, stunned. He? How could this be? I've lost another dear friend in my life. I never thought about him being or acting in this way..I worked with him for such a long time, trusting him.. I didn't know how I should feel now...Should I feel hate? Should I feel sadness? Or maybe desperation? I wasn't able to decide. Everything in me was a puppet. No Feelings. No Thoughts. this night, my soul died and left a dead body behind.This corpse promenaded to the Execution-sector...There he was. Next to his head: A gun. This Gun was followed by an arm, and this arm by a person. I stood in front of him, Iron rods between us.
    „Why?“, I asked.
    A shot.