Hilfe bei Mixed Grammar

  • Ich würde gerne wissen ob in folgendem Text die fett geschriebenen Wörter richtig sind, da das die Lücken einer Mixed Grammar (put in to-infinitive or the ing-Form) sind.
    Vielen Dank schon mal im Voraus

    Young Nick Johnson wants to go out in the garden and plays football. Unfortunately, he can't go out without putting on a special plastic helmet which covers his face. By wearing the helmet, he is protected from the sun. Nick suffers from a disease called XP. It forces him to stay inside the house away from the sunlight. If he stays in the sunshine for more than a minute or two, he will be in real danger of beeing badly burned. He dislikes to wear the clumsy helmet, but it is too dangerous to go out without it. It enables him to leave the house and go to school every day. Nick is tired of having to be so careful all the time. He worries about making a mistake and accidentally leaving his skin open to the sunlight.

    Now there has been a new development. Someone has designed a new hi-tech plastic suit which is lighter, cooler and more comfortable to wear. Nick has agreed to test the suit. He is glad to get the chance looking less like an astronaut.