Kann jemand mir meinen Text kontrollieren, dass ist für eine Prüfung? Es ist dringend!

  • Hello and welcome to my presentation! I'm Emanuel Fast, and today I will talk about the fighting fish…

    In Latin, it would be called Betta, that means fighting fish. The Betta Splendens is the most popular fish in Germany. The Betta Splendens is a high cultivatly form of the fighting fish.

    Let’s begin with my structure:

    First, I want to present the habitat and the origin from the fighting fish

    Second, I want to show. How to keep a fighting fish correctly and appropriately and what you need for a fighting fish.

    After that we come to the care, where you will find out what kind of work you have to do with a fighting fish tank.

    Then we look together what a fighting fish likes to eat.

    Finally, I'll show you how much a fighting fish actually costs and how many it costs.

    Lets we start with the habitats from the fighting fish.

    A betta fish comes from Southeast Asia there is a tropical and humid climate where the rivers often dry out, so that a fighting fish often have to survive in small puddles.

    In Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, the fighting fish is traditionally bred.

    In nature lives the fighting fish in such swamps.

    It can be small, warm waters, but the fighting fish can also be found in rice fields. Why this fish like dense vegetation to hide.


    To keep a fighting fish you need a 25l to 60l tank. Because a betta tank have a lot of plants the fish need a lamp. A fighting fish can survive without a filter, but this also prefers clean water. A heater is also necessary because the betta needs a temperature of least 25 degrees. This is how a very well-equipped tank looks like the fighting fish has many hiding places and can feel very comfortable there.


    The water has to be changed weekly to remove any toxic substances caused by the waste

    Dead plants and the filter must be cleaned also weekly. The glass doesn't necessarily have to be cleaned, but who wants to have dirty glass? The regular feeding is the most interesting task, but you shouldn't exaggerate otherwise the fighting fish can even die but we'll get to that in a moment.


    This here is a plan which I use to feed my fighting fish. There is live food and frozen food. There is also dry food for fighting fish, but natural feeding is not only healthy, the fighting fish also live longer. Here on the first picture we have white mosquito larvae, then we have also red mosquito larvae here daphies.

    You should only feed a fighting fish as much as his eyes are big, because his stomach is just as big when it is more. Nothing should be fed the next day, because the fighting fish in nature can't eat every day.

    Now we come to the costs


    The tank with light, filter and heating costs 60-100€ depends on the design and the brand. A fighting fish costs 15€ in the zoo trade, but at professional breeders it costs from 50€ - even 900€ because they also have very special animals that have already won prizes at exhibitions. The plants cost 30-50€ but that is always a matter where you buy the plants from private individuals, the cheaper in the zoo business they cost more expensive.

    So we come to a one-time price of circa. 185€

    I hope you enjoyed the presentation, and maybe you want to buy a camfish too.

    Danke im Vorraus!