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    Who ___________ (to hear) of Joanne K. Rowling? Joanne K. Rowling was born on the 31th July 1965 in Chipping, England. She ___________ (to be) a contemporary1 writer of English Fiction. Her famous series about the student Harry Potter which ___________ (to gain) international attention and which ___________ (to sell) 300 million copies since it was published, is world-famous. In February 2004 the Forbes magazine ___________ (to write) that she ___________ (to earn) more than 1 billion US$ till then. No-one ___________ (to earn, ever) that much money before by writing books.

    The English born author ___________ (to have) one younger sister who is called Dianne. She ___________ (to tell, already) great stories when she ___________ (to go) to secondary school. After she ___________ (to study) French and Classics at the University of Exeter she ___________ (to spend) one year in Paris and she ___________ (to move) to London to work there for Amnesty International. During this time she ___________ (to invent) the story of Harry Potter on a train trip. She ___________ (to begin) writing during her lunch hours.

    The author ___________ (to move) to Oporto, Portugal then. She ___________ (to teach) English there before she ___________ (to move) back to England in 1995. While she ___________ (to live) in Portugal she ___________ (to get married) and she ___________ (to have) one daughter, but her marriage ___________ (- work out).

    When she ___________ (to come) back to England in December 1994 she ___________ (to have) no money and she ___________ (to live) on social welfare. She ___________ (to write) the first volume of Harry Potter during this time. Six of the seven volumes of the Harry Potter series have already been published. All of them ___________ (to be) bestsellers. Now J.K. Rowling ___________ (to be) even richer than the Queen of England.

    She ___________ (to buy) an expensive house in Scotland which is called Killiechassie House. This ___________ (- to be) her only house, she also ___________ (to own) a house in London which is worth US$ 11 million. She ___________ (to marry) a second time, a man called Dr. Neil Murray and she ___________ (to write, currently) her seventh book about Harry .

    1 Contemporary = zeitgenössisch

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