Könnt ihr kontrolieren ob alles richtig ist. Bitte ist wicht

  • At first I asked how her name was. She replied that her full name is Alexandra, but all call them Alex. Then she told me that she comes from Russia (Omsk), but she is only half Russian, because her mother is a German. I wanted to know how long they already live in Germany. Then she said that it is about 5 years. She lives with her mother and visits the 12 class of Emil Krause Gymnasium. I asked Alex whether she any plans for the future has made. They rejoiced that I asked you this question and have told me that after they quit school, not studying, but one years wants out. Alexandra would like for half a year after going to Tenerife to learn Spanish and for half a year after America, their English skills improve. Moreover, I am interested in whether she has any hobbies. They affirmed that question. (aso she replied yes, I do not know how to properly called) Then I learned from her that she has been 9 years old and likes to play volleyball also does yoga and fitness. Besides, she learns English and Spanish. My next question was, how was your first impression when they came under GDR. Their answer was: You want to Hamburg from the beginning. Especially the nature and shopping malls! But that was not my last question. I wanted to know whether she still misses her home and she replied with a clear "Yes" in Russia since her grandmother and her father live. I did not want to Alexandra to bring bad thoughts and have them immediately questioned over Christmas. They said that they fixed this with their relatives at home and spend is a new digital camera for Christmas wishes.
    This conversation was very pleasant for me. I have much new to learn about my girlfriend.

  • Ohman.. wo soll man da denn anfangen. Finde den Text vom Style her auch nicht gut. Hast auch viele Fehler in der Zeitform.. irgendwie?!
    Sry, ich weiß, ist nicht gerade die Hilfe, aber naja :P

    she's fancy,
    she's highclass,
    she's trashy,
    she's celebrity,
    she's hollywood,
    a nice ass,
    a tease, but still
    it's not for free..

  • Hallo ich heiße .. und bin 11 Jahere alt meine Eigenschaften sind
    das ich hilfsbereit bin , meine Freunde unterstütze , ich keine
    Geheimnisse verrate und ich gut zuhören kann ich bin auserdem noch
    zimlich verrückt eher gesagt lustig :) ich gehe gerne Schoppen
    oder Inliner fahren spiele gerne Fußball und noch viel mehr. :) !
    mein odsolutes hassfach ist Mathe da wird mir ganz schlecht naja
    ist ja auch nicht so wichtig Interessen hab ich viele wie Musik
    oder ... Hmmm noch viel. :tanzen: