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    Los Angeles: Introduction

    Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States in terms of population and one of the largest in the area. It is the center of a five-County Metropolitan Area and is regarded as the prototype of the future metropolis of a city at the crossroads of all the benefits and the problems of large urban areas. The gloss of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the Sunset Strip, and the famous beaches have added to Los Angeles's reputation as a paradise California and have contributed to the area of phenomenal growth. Los Angeles is a city of fascinating diversity, with the largest Hispanic population in the United States, a large Asian community, and large populations of almost all ethnic backgrounds in the Welt.Los Angeles is also a center of international trade and banking , Manufacturing, and tourism. The city offers something for everyone in his large collection of very different districts: a slim, ultra-modern downtown, miles of beautiful beaches, breathtaking canyon villas and houses built with luxury, and some of the world's most glamorous shopping and dining. Under the gloss, though, is a troubled, racially divided city, with extremely high unemployment among young African-Americans and Latinos.
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    Los Angeles: Communications:

    Newspapers and magazines
    Los Angeles readers are used in conjunction with the morning Los Angeles Times. More than 100 foreign languages, special-interest, business, alternative, neighborhood and weekly papers will be published in Los Angeles.

    Television and radio television and radio
    Sixteen broadcast TV stations in the Los Angeles area. The 33 AM and FM radio stations are broadcasting feature a wide assortment of music, news, information and programming, stations broadcasting in surrounding communities are also in Los Angeles.
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    Los Angeles: Economy:

    Major industries and commercial activity
    California is open to new ideas, new products and entrepreneurship known. The people, institutions of knowledge, great climate and infrastructure have enabled the Los Angeles region emerge as one of the leading business, trade and cultural-creative capital for the twenty-first century. The city is the largest manufacturing center in the West, one of the world's busiest ports, a major financial and banking center, and the largest retail market in the United States.
    The three levels, traditional economy (aerospace, entertainment and tourism) has become a well-balanced, economic engine fueled by unprecedented access to world markets.
    Steel production is the second largest industry in manufacturing, followed closely by fashion clothing in the United States. The "Big Three" U.S. car manufacturers, along with Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo, have all seat-design centers in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is also an important producer of furniture and fixtures, as well as petroleum products and chemicals, printed materials, rubber products, electronic equipment, and glass, pottery, ceramics, cement and products.
    The city of importance in international trade shows in nearly 50 U.S. headquarters of foreign companies located in the vicinity.
    The banking and finance industry in Los Angeles is one of the largest in the United States. More than 100 foreign and domestic banks operate numerous stores in Los Angeles, along with many financial firms and investment banks. Entertainment, in the form of film, television, music and production, is the most popular industry in Los Angeles, the world's attention on the city of Los Angeles and an important tourist destination. Tourism employs more than 468,000 people across the metropolitan region.
    Other prominent industries in the Los Angeles area include health, education, high-tech research and development, professional fields such as architecture and engineering, and a large construction companies, both business and residential district.
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    Los Angeles: Education and research:

    Colleges and universities
    The Los Angeles is home to three campuses of the University of California system, seven from California State University system, and twenty private colleges and Universitäten.Die two largest are the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and the University of Southern California (USC), nationally known as a major research universities. Other prominent colleges and universities in the area include the California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech), Loyola Marymount University, the Claremont Colleges, Pepperdine University, and Mount St. Mary's College.
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    Los Angeles: geography and climate:

    Los Angeles is situated on a hilly coastal plain with the Pacific Ocean as its southern and western borders. The city stretches north to the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains and is bounded by the San Gabriel Mountains in the east. Numerous ravines and valleys characterize the region, so that it covers an area of different climatic conditions. The dominant weather influence is the warm, moist air in the Pacific Ocean, hold mild temperatures throughout the year über.Die summers are dry and sunny the city on average 329 sunny days per year with most of the precipitation during the Wintermonate.Smog and air pollution are common problems, the survey in the coastal basin in times of little air movement. Other unusual weather phenomena are the Santa Ana winds, the hot, dusty winds of up to 50 miles per hour from the surrounding mountains, and the occasional flash floods in the canyon areas, causing landslides.
    Los Angeles: History:

    Spanish and Anglos Settle, trade industry alive:
    The area around the present-day Los Angeles was first explored by Europeans in 1769, when Gaspar de Portola and a group of missionaries in stock, what is now called the Los Angeles River. Franciscans built Mission San Gabriel about 9 miles north in 1771. In 1781, Felipe de Neve, governor of Old California, founded a settlement called El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles, which means that "the Pueblo of Our Lady Queen of Angels." In his early years, was the City of a small, isolated group of Adobe-stone houses and streets random carved from the desert, and its main product was grain.
    Although the Spanish government, a ban on trade with foreign ships, American ships began arriving in the early 1800s, and the first English-speaking people settled in the area in 1818. He was a carpenter named Joseph Chapman, which helped the church with the city of the central plaza, a structure that still steht.Nach Mexico, including California, won its independence from Spain in 1821, trade with the United States was frequent. The ocean waters off the coast of California were important for whaling and seal hunting, and a number of commercial vessels docked at nearby San Pedro to buy cattle hides and tallow. By the 1840s, Los Angeles was the largest city in southern California.

    City of the American-owned; gold discovered:
    During the war between the United States and Mexico in 1846, Los Angeles was occupied by an American garrison, but the citizens drove fifty-man brigade from the city. The Treaty of Cahuenga, signed in 1847, ended the war in California, adding Los Angeles and the rest of California on American territory. The Sierra Nevada gold strike in 1848 in the mountains north of Los Angeles, provided the city with a booming market for its beef, and many prospectors in the area after the gold rush. Los Angeles was in 1850 with a reputation as one of the toughest cities in the West. Lawlessness reached a peak in 1871, when, after a Chinese immigrant accidentally killed a white man, an angry mob stormed into the Chinatown district, killing sixteen people. After that civic leaders and concerned citizens began a successful campaign to ensure law and order in the city.
    The Southern Pacific Railroad reached Los Angeles in 1876, followed by Santa Fe Railroad nine years later. The two competing companies, a sentence that war eventually drove the price of a ticket from the eastern United States up to five dollars. This Schleuderei brought thousands of settlers in the area, sending real estate prices unrealistically high. By 1887, much around the central Plaza sells for up to one thousand dollars per foot, but the market collapsed that same year, so that millionaires Übernachtung.Die destitute people in large numbers abandoned Los Angeles, sometimes not less than three thousand per Day. This flight prompted the founding of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which began a worldwide advertising campaign to new citizens. From 1890, the population had climbed back up to fifty thousand inhabitants.

    Oil, agriculture, moving images, Manufacturing Build City:
    In the 1890s, oil was discovered in the city, and soon another boom took hold. By the turn of the century, almost fifteen hundred oil wells operated throughout Los Angeles.
    The film industry thrived on the Los Angeles area of benefits after the first decade of the twentieth century, and from 1930 it had earned the city the nickname "Tinseltown." Large manufacturing concerns also began opening factories during this time, and the need for housing created large areas of suburban districts and the beginnings of the city massive highway system. 1930s brought thousands of people to California in search of jobs.
    To its growing population, the city supports a number of large engineering projects, including the construction of the Hoover Dam, the water channeled into the city from the Colorado River and provided electricity from hydropower. The area of the excellent weather, it was an ideal location for aircraft testing and construction, and the Second World War brought hundreds of new industries to the area, promoting the local economy. By the 1950s, Los Angeles was a sprawling metropolis. It was seen as the epitome of everything new and modern in American culture-a combination of super-highways, affordable housing, and an opportunity for all.

    City grapples with pollution, racial unrest:
    The Los Angeles dream began to fade in the 1960s. Despite the ongoing construction of new highways, congestion was a major problem; industry and car emissions create smog and pollution. Frustration over the living conditions came to a head in August 1965, when riots erupted in the African American ghetto of Watts, and more unrest in the Hispanic communities of East Los Angeles.
    In response to these new problems, the city adopted strict air pollution guidelines and measures taken to minorities in the political process, which culminated in elections in 1973 by Mayor Tom Bradley, the city's first African American mayor. In the next two decades, public transportation has improved, and a subway system was promoted and began limited operations. The city became a thriving district of the impressive glass skyscrapers.
    The city's reputation was badly tarnished by an uprising broke out that in April 1992 after the acquittal of four white policemen accused of proposing a African American motorists a beat was captured that on videotape by a spectator and broadcast world. The resulting melee left more than 50 people were killed and led to an estimated 1 billion U.S. dollars in damage.

    Los Angeles at Twenty-First Century:
    Los Angeles began to withdraw from the recession of the mid-1990s, but how much of the country, the city was dealt another blow after the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. In response to the resulting economic downturn, the mayor has the Los Angeles Economic Impact Task Force, where executives from around the city to develop recommendations for strengthening the local economy. The result was an increase in tourism, retail and other signs of a sustained recovery.
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    Los Angeles: Local Government:

    The government of Los Angeles is a complex organ with many departments independently of the central legislative and executive body. The fifteen-member city council and the mayor are elected to four-year term, as well as the city attorney and controller. The county of Los Angeles by a five-member board of supervisors, although many districts are separate and self-government.
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    Los Angeles: Leisure:

    The enormous size of Los Angeles and the myriad activities offered by the city, its sights seem unbegrenzt.Verschiedene parts of the city offer a wide range of attractions and diversions, from more than 40 miles from the city-operated beaches in the western Pacific to Mountains in the east and major urban areas in between. The downtown district is not only a form of the nation's most modern and skylines, but also numerous historic buildings. Some of the original structures in the city can be found at El Pueblo de Los Angeles State Historic Park in the east is Olvera Street, a Hispanic district, that the atmosphere of old Mexico's open-air markets. Chinatown is just north of downtown, and in the south Little Tokyo is the social, cultural, religious and economic center of Southern California, more than 200,000 Japanese American residents, the largest concentration of Japanese people outside of Asia.

    Hollywood and other districts for the film and TV industry are among the most popular attractions in Los Angeles. Universal Studios Hollywood features guided tours through some of the world's most famous imaginary places, and a live taping of television shows can be sent to several studios. The world's first psychological tension driving the Revenge of the Mummy it opens in June 2005. Near Beverly Hills, an independent community completely surrounded by the city, is home to many movie stars, where opulent villas enjoy the proximity to some of the world's most exclusive shops and restaurants. . A trip to Los Angeles is not complete without a visit to the newly renovated Mann's Chinese Theater and the Walk of Fame sidewalk with the hand prints and traces of film legends.

    Griffith Park, the city's largest, with the Los Angeles Zoo, with more than 2,000 animals, Griffith Observatory, the two groundbreaking telescopes, and the Greek Theater, a natural outdoor amphitheater. Hancock Park includes the Rancho La Brea Tar Pits, where the prehistoric fossil remains are displayed alongside life-size renditions of the species together that are in the background.
    Three of the nation most popular theme parks are located in the Los Angeles area. Six Flags Magic Mountain is 25 minutes north of Hollywood in Valencia and has 260 acres of rides and family-oriented fun. Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park offers rides, attractions, live entertainment, shops and restaurants. World-famous Disneyland, in Anaheim, is the home of eight imaginary lands, rides, adventure, and the famous Disney characters.
    The Pacific sea offers a variety of attractions, including carnival-like Venice Beach and Muscle Beach, where hundreds of bodybuilders. Marina Del Ray, known as "La Riviera", is the world's largest man-made marina. Iceland features Catalina Island tours and a casino.

    Shopping and Dining Shopping and Dining:
    Los Angeles is a shopping paradise paradise, with more than 1500 stores and numerous smaller retailers, a number of fashionable shopping plazas, and many big-city shopping centers. An exclusive group of shops along Rodeo Drive is the most famous shopping district in the area, but there are a number of other areas, such as Melrose Avenue and offers the latest and wildest trends in fashion. Westwood Village is a collection of interesting boutiques and restaurants, offers a thriving nightlife. The Beverly Center in West Los Angeles is one of the nation's busiest malls. Celebrity sightings are not uncommon, and Japanese tourists come by the thousands to buy as part of the planned sightseeing tours.
    Ethnic specialty stores you can find in Little Tokyo, Koreatown, Chinatown, East Los Angeles, and on Olvera Street. The Farmer's Market and Shopping Village in downtown Los Angeles offers fresh produce, import shops, cafes and elegant. Westwood Village and the nearby campus of UCLA are a cultural and entertainment hub filled with shops, bistros and architectural sights.
    The Los Angeles, where some of America's finest restaurants, enjoying some 20,000 restaurants, from fast-food chains to exclusive gourmet restaurants by Hollywood stars. Ethnic specialties from almost every country in the world can be found in Los Angeles. Fresh seafood and beef, as well as products from the nearby agricultural regions are in the majority of the city restaurants.
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    Los Angeles: Transportation:

    Approaching the city
    Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), just west of downtown, is the fourth largest airport in the world in terms of passengers, and the airport is used by dozens of major airlines with thousands of flights per Jahr.In nearby Burbank-Glendale - Pasadena Airport is used by six major airlines. Greyhound carries passengers on a terminal in downtown Los Angeles. Amtrak has invested 100 million U.S. dollars in new passenger trains in recent years, its Pacific Surfliner takes you from San Diego via Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo.
    Three highways converge in the area of Los Angeles: I-5 approaching from Canada in the north, I-15 from Las Vegas to the west and I-10 connects Los Angeles with Arizona and the Southwest. State Highway 1, the highway along the coast in the Pacific Ocean, skirts the city along the ocean.
    -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------Hollywood Walk of Fame:

    The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a tribute to some of the greatest entertainers in the history of our country. It is located in Hollywood, California, and is not to be missed during each trip, you near the epicenter of the entertainment.
    The Walk of Fame has existed since 1958 and for each year of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce votes on the hinzugefügt.Wer stars are in the entertainment industry can be nominated, including cartoons, corporations and, of course, stars. A little known fact, the Walk of Fame is that it costs $ 25,000 dollars, to the detriment of the inductee, to be immortalized with a star.
    There are a few stars, which are unique among this group also honored. Muhammad Ali does not want that every step on his star and it was on a building along the route. The Apollo 11 astronauts all have a star to commemorate their successful lunar landing, the youngest man to receive a star were Mary Kate and Ashley Olson at the age of eighteen, and Gene Autrey is the only person to receive a star in each of the five recognized categories ( Film, television, recording, radio and live theater).
    The process of awarding of stars can be confusing for example Öffentlichkeit.Zum Robert Redford still does not have a star, but Big Bird has. Mel Gibson is on the outside of search, but Pee Wee Herman has his very own star. Two dogs were immortalized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Rin Tin Tin, Lassie and, of course.
    The Walk of Fame is a good way to spend an afternoon, but it is unlikely that you will see a real star near the Walk of Fame, unless it is during an induction Zeremonie.Hollywood is not the neighborhood glamorous shows that on television. Hollywood is in a depressed area of Los Angeles. There were sixty percent more murders so far in 2008 than there was on this date in 2007. In fact, every area of violent crime has increased in 2008.
    People who typically work in Hollywood in the entertainment, hospitality, transport and industry. Another thing which careful consideration is that the traffic in Los Angeles will probably make your commute to work is a lengthy one.
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    The dark side of L.A (California) :
    In California, there have always been fires where this is nothing new. Even that therefore the state of emergency must exclaim, nobody really surprised, but the number of forest fires and especially her degree is in the last two years, but very striking.
    California currently is fighting back against strong forest fires, according to the authorities are the worst fires, which in the past 47 years in California had. The flames, which are mostly developed as a bush fire, overcome even multiple highways and thus is even the reason for the Flames called Inferno - the wind.
    It is known that the Santa Ana-storm very hot air from the interior of the country's major forest areas of California are transported. These forest areas are excluded from the area since comparable with half the area of federal Austria. These Santa Ana-storms are particularly from October to February actively and the climate is in California to this very dry season, so easily fires can develop by the strong storms will find extra drive.
    The heat generated during the forest fires, are so strong that forces from the melting of the traffic report billboards. In Sylmar, a densely populated suburb of Los Angeles, 500 residential container destroyed. The metropolis of Los Angeles itself faces a huge cloud of smoke over. There were already some problems with electricity supply, because two of the five main lines were interrupted.
    Some highways had to be blocked and a hospital has already been evacuated. The forest fires in the San Fernando Valley after news concerns an area of 3,300 hectares and over 1,100 firefighters try to curb the fires - so far without much success. There will also be used firefighting helicopters and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called the state of emergency in order to more easily use troops to be convened.
    Media is frequently used by the reported threat that their well-known stars villas by the fires could lose. But worse is the fact that alone in Sylmar said over 10,000 people have lost their homes.

    -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------Introduction:
    I have the theme selected Los Angeles because Los Angeles one of my favorite cities, and I am very fascinated.
    To learn more about my favorite city, I have to learn on the Internet rescherchirt and note that a Los Angeles
    interesting history hat.Los Angeles is in California, the most populous state, in Southwest of the United States.
    It is the second largest city in the United States after New York City and the sixth of the earth. It lies on the Pacific Ocean and the Los Angeles River. Los Angeles has 3.9 million inhabitants to New York's second-largest city in the United States. The residents of Los Angeles will be called Angelenos. Los Angeles is the capital and Administrative office (County Seat) of the Los Angeles County. The city is the economic, business
    Cultural and California with numerous universities, research institutes, theaters and Museen.Los Angeles is the world's leading location for the aircraft and aerospace industry and known because of the local film and television industry (Hollywood) and music scene. The town was founded on 4 September 1781 officially opened by Governor Felipe de Neve as
    El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles (Spanish "The Village of Queen of Angels") was founded. The current name Los Angeles is a shortening of the founding name on the "angels". Short also called L.A.!
    Final / opinion: After long and extensive search, I believe that every once in a lifetime to Los Angeles needs. The city is fascinating and offers many educational, cultural and recreational opportunities.

    Basic data L.A.:
    Founded: 4 September 1781
    Country: United States
    State: California
    County: Los Angeles County
    Time zone: Pacific Standard Time (UTC-
    Population: 3,849,378 (3.5 million / Large Los Angeles: 14.5 million)
    Population density: 3168.5 inhabitants per square km
    Height: 100 m
    Area: 1290.6 km ² of which 1214.9 km ² land
    Breakdown: 15 districts
    Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa
    Population density: 2889 inhabitants per sq km
    Motorway network: 1200 km
    Coast: 65 km
    highest point: Mount Lukens - 1549 m
    divided into 5 districts: (Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernadino, Ventura)
    Language: English, Spanish
    Religion: Christian majority
    Currency: U.S. Dollar
    main districts: Downtown, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Westwood, Santa Monica and Venice
    Daily Newspaper: Los Angeles Times

    Famous people from LA:
    The city is birthplace of many prominent personalities.
    These include the actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Bridget Fonda, Jodie Foster, Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Gwyneth Paltrow and Anna May Wong, the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, the actor and singer David Faustino, the producers and singer Andre Young and Michael Landau, the basketball player Michael Darlene Hard, the composer John Cage, the musician James Hetfield, the science-fiction writer Larry Niven and the sculptor Isamu Noguchi.

    The high crime, including particularly the band prepares crime problems. Los Angeles is among the cities with the highest number of street gangs. According to an estimate of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) are in the city of more than 400 gangs with at least 39,000 active members. There are 350 special police officers to the crime on tape specialized.
    Some areas are due to street gangs, especially in the night as very dangerous. These include notably the districts of South Los Angeles and Watts and the suburbs of Compton and Lynwood. Compton heard, according to the Morgan Quitno private research institute of the most dangerous places in the United States. The murder rate here is an eight-fold higher than the national average.

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    3rd The city's history and the economic rise of Los Angeles :
    Los Angeles was 1781 on the outskirts of the Spanish colonial empire was founded. The city was characterized on the one hand by the colonial seclusion and the other by the semi-arid area without hinterland with predominantly livestock. A change in the situation continued until the middle of the 19th century, when the 1876 end of the transcontinental railway came. This has had a lasting economic recovery to follow, particularly through the soil real estate speculation and trading was coined.
    After the turn of the century saw Los Angeles from 1900 to 1930 a rapid population growth and rose from 36th Rank on the fifth city in the United States. This is especially the sustained and fast-evolving industry back. Was promoted by the industrialization crucial discoveries of oil since 1892, the expansion of the port in the south and the settlement of the film industry with the opening of the first studios in 1909. Since the beginning of the 20-century Los Angeles has become one of the leading industrial locations in the USA. Among the most important sectors include the automotive industry and its suppliers, the aircraft, aerospace and electrical engineering, and not to forget the clothing and film industry, which until today the industrial base of the town.
    In the early 50s of the 20th century was the second Los Angeles location of automobile production in the USA.Die region around Los Angeles but was located by the production of arms in a dependency situation like no other city in the United States. Due to the massive reductions in spending for defense and aerospace, suffered from Los Angeles to be longer-lasting recession since the end of the 80s of the 20 century. Nevertheless, since the late'50s of the 20th century in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area Deindustrialisierungsprozess a selective one. Were affected mainly the automotive industry, the production of tires and steel production, and thus the core areas of American industry. Influenced by this process were especially in the districts of nuclear energy (to the east and south of downtown).