stilistische Mittel

  • Hallo Leute, muss leider aus diesem text rethorische Mittel raussuchen, worin ich wirklich nicht gut bin. hab bisher und imposante Adjektive und Aufzählungen gefunden. Wär super nett wenn ihr mir vielleicht nen bissel helfen könntet. Danke schonmal. :)

    The future of the West

    I cannot but believe that the time is not distant, when those wild forests, trackless plains, untrodden valleys, and the unbounded ocean will present one grand scene of continious improvements, universal enterprise, and unparalleled commerce: when those vast forests shall have disappeared before the hardy pioneer; those extensive plains shall abound with innumerable herds of domestic animals; those fertile valleys shall groan under the immense weight of their abundant products: when those numerous rivers shall teem with countless steamboats, steamships, ships, barques and brigs; when the entire country will be everywhere intersected with turnpike roads, railroads and canals; and when all the vastly numerous and rich resoources of that now almost unknown region will be fully and advantageously develooped. To complete this picture, we may fancy to ourselves a Bosten, a New York, a Philadelphia and a Baltimore, growing up in a day, as it were, both in Oregon and California; crowded with a vast poulation and affording all the enjoyments and luxuries of civilized life. And to this we may add numerous churches, magnificent edifices, spacious colleges, and stupendous monuments and observatories, all of grecian architecture, rearing their majestic heads high in the aerial region amid those towering pyramids of perpetual snow, looking down upon all the busy, bustling scenes of tumultous civilization amid the eternal verdure of perennial spring. And in fine, we were also led to contemplate the time as fast approaching, when the surpeme darkness of ignorance, superstition, and despotism, which now so entirely pervade many portions of those remote regions, will have fled forever before the march of vicilization and the blazing light of vicil and religious liberty; when genuine republicanism and unsophisticated democracy shall be reared up and tower aloft, even upon the now wild shores of hte great Pacific; where they shall forever stand forth, as enduring monuments to the increasing wisdom of man and the infinite kindness and protection of an all-wise and over-ruing Providence.