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    ich brauch für ein Deutschprojekt - Kirche gegen Wisschschaft - dringend eine Liste der im Auftrag der Kirche getöteten Wissenschaftler (besonders bis einschließlich der Renaissance)
    Ich finde einfach Keinen außer Giordano Bruno, obwohl ich weis, dass es viele gegeben hat(auch bekannte Fälle)
    Vielen Dank :)

    ich habe eben einen Englischtext geschrieben, da ich jedoch nicht sehr gut in Englisch bin brauch ich ein paar Verbesserungsvorschläge, in erster Linie zur Textrichtigkeit(Rechtschreibung, Grammatik usw), aber auch zum inhaltlichen(spannung, ob der Text logisch ist usw..):

    „Wake up! “ One of Charley’s comrades went from bed to bed and shook the soldiers up. Charley opened his eyes and saw his comrades wearing their uniforms. Outside the tent he heard loud voices shouting. Quickly he got up and dressed up his own uniform. What was happening? Two minutes later he and his unit stood on a wide field in front of their camp. It was a frosty and dark morning. An officer went up and down in front of them. “One of our scouts saw the whole unit of the Rebels. They are close to our camp, and they will attack us soon. Now everybody of you takes cover. They think we are still asleep.” Everybody went to his position and waited for a signal. Charley’s heard beat painful. It was the first time the South attacked them first; normally the Union first attack the South. Suddenly there was a shot. Charley raised carefully his head. He saw the Rebels coming up to them. An officer of his unit shouted “SHOOT!” and instantly the whole Union shot at the Rebels. It was a horrible battle, but soon the Rebels lost many soldiers, while the Union was nearly complete. Charley had chosen a very good place on the battlefield until many Rebels came up to him. He quickly escaped and chose another position. After one hour there were just a few soldiers of the southern army. The Rebels escaped and the Union tried to shoot as many as possible of them. Charley saw a bleeding enemy carefully escaping. He shot at him and hit the soldier in his leg. The Rebel looked frightened at Charley, who realized who lay in front of him: It was the young Rebel he met two days ago. Charley looked at him, and he sank his weapon. The Rebel stood up and ran away, without looking back. But suddenly an officer behind Charley shouted “SHOOT! Why don’t you shoot?” The Reb, who was running in front of him, ran as fast as he could, but Charley had no choice. He raised his gun; aimed, closed his eyes and shot. He heard a person dropping down in front of him. Without looking what he did, he turned around. At was his last kill, this day and the rest of his life. After this battle there were no more battles between North and South, the Northern Part of the USA had won.

    danke für verbesserungsvorschläge:)

    vielen dan an euch :)
    Zum Satz: "For a short time you can also do other things than just phoning or writing SMS with you mobile phone, for example taking photos in high quality, playing games or use it as a navigation system." ich meine damit: Seit kurzem kann man mehr mit seinem Handy machen als nur telefonieren und SMS schreiben, zB Fotos in hoher Qualität machen, Spiele spielen(^^) oder es(das Handy) als Navi benutzen

    Hi, ich brauch zu übermorgen(Montag) einen guten Englischtext
    geschrieben hab ich den schon, nur müsste dieser noch verbessert werden
    New technologies
    The new technologies are very important and formative for the people nowadays, especially for the youth. Nearly anybody has got a TV and since 10 years PCs are very popular. In general the younger uses more of the new technologies then the older generation. Mp3 players like IPods are very popular, you cannot use a stereo player or something like that, for example if you promenade. Also very popular is the internet, the people can use it to talk with their friends, to get information about all topics or to play computer games. The people can nowadays communicate why they are not at home and they do not have a telephone with a mobile phone. For a short time you can also do other things than just phoning or writing SMS with you mobile phone, for example taking photos in high quality, playing games or use it as a navigation system.