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    History of tourism

    The ancient Romans were the first who went on holidays, mostly for well-being. They had magnificent spas and one of them is Bath, a place in Great Britain, which only problem was that there were laded pipes, which poisoned the water.

    The medical pilgrimage was very popular with the travellers because everybody could afford the trips. Pilgrims created a variety of tourist aspects that still exist, for example bringing back souvenirs or small items.

    During the seventeenth century, it becomes fashionable to young novels to undertake a Grand Tour. The reasons for this journey were exploring Europe, getting education and getting to know new people.

    This kind of tourism is compared to today’s backpack travellers. Nowadays people have more leisure time and are wealthier then in further times. This reasons and low budget airlines make it possible to visit long-haul destinations. The latest trend is to make a few trips per year, but for shorter periods.