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    " I´m having lots of problems with Yvonne.She´s so secretive that she won´t even tell me who she´s going out with at night.And she isn´t very sensible,either.She´s got in with the wrong crowd,I´m afraid.I´m worried that she might get pregnant.Yvonne´s so unreasonable,you know.I´ve tried to discuss it sensebly with her so that we can work out a solution together but she just won´t listen"
    "Yes,young people today are very rebellious.Parents need to be strict -it´s the only solution"
    ich hab schon angefangen,aber weiß nicht weiter
    Yvonne,you´ll never guess what I overheard the other day.You mother was talking about you with a friend.I heard it all when I was sitting behind them on the bus.Your Mum said that....

    Bitte ich brauche HILFE :(