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Ich muss als Hausaufgabe einen Kommentar über die "dritte industrielle Revolution" schreiben. Dieser wird eingesammelt und benotet. Ich wäre euch zu tiefstem Dank verbunden, wenn ihr mir eventuelle Fehler nennen würdet. Oder wie ich mich besser ausdrücken kann.
Hier ist mein Text:

Everybody always talks with pleasure about the third industrial revolution. We are in a new industrial change. That is right. But you can not talk about an industrial revolution. The previous two industrial revolutions brought us people always more comfort and convenience, advantages shortly. However today in the world of the atomic power and the climate change, you can only talk actually about disadvantages. Both for our generation, and for our descendants as well as. The climate change is one consequence of the industrial revolution. It becomes to us more and more to the tallest enemy. If therefore you want to speak of a new industrial revolution, one should rather put his attention then on the discovery and development of renewable energy that makes the climate change more pleasant for us.
A new technology which, however, has also some disadvantages is the atomic power. The greatest disadvantages is that it can be very dangerous. Again and again it results in accidents which fondled several people the life. We do not want to talk about what happens if an atomic bomb explodes. We experienced that in already 1945 and do not want to experience it so quickly again either.
In my opinion an industrial revolution should be very different. We should use our previous technological discovery. So that we can make the human being of life more pleasant. Particularly more favorable. The gasoline prices explode, in the same way as the gas prices. Renewable energy is asked today. We should invest in that.
I think a further point is the offshoring. Always more and more jobs and industries are shifted there, where it is to be produced most favorably. That can not be nevertheless a third revolution in which we pay only attention on the capital and several people lose their jobs.
Our tallest enemy is, however, still the climate change. The earth warms up. Polar caps melts. The water level increases. Natural catastrophes increase. The world gets more and more into the swaying.
So fabulous an industrial revolution also listens, she also sooner or later has their consequences.

Vielen vielen Dank schon mal im Voraus!

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