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    A new enemy picture after the decay of the Soviet Union and the communist power bloc would have had ago a new enemy picture: The "international terrorism" and/or. "Islamic" terrorism.

    Many secret services, for instance the CIA or the ISI, money earn safety device of the Opiumfelder sound of a conspiracy theory by drug smuggling. The Taliban government had created it, illegal production in Afghanistan, the country with the largest Opium production world-wide to lower substantial. Only with the invasion of the Americans production rose for lack of controllableness again.

    Safety device of the oil entrance in the region of the Kaspi sea gives it large oil fields in the GUS states. Due to the uncertain situation in the Arab countries this oil for the western world, in particular European Union and the USA becomes ever more important. The entrance to this oil would have ensured a pipeline, which runs in the middle by Afghanistan in the best case. This pipeline project could be interspersed after the Afghanistan war problem-free.

    Terrorists worked with US secret services together the USA supported the Taliban like also different Afghan Mudschahedin in the war between the Soviet Union and Afghanistan. They were trained and supplied with weapons. When the relations between the Taliban cooled down and the USA, still secretofficial contacts between the countries are to have existed. Conspiracy theoreticians believe that behind the Bekennervideos of Osama more or less a swindle is, and it the statement that he was responsible for 11 September, was put underneath.

    To the swindle there are two theories, which one can interpret from the videos? The translation of Osama is shop was wrong or? The videos are completely falsified, because something writes Osama with the right hand, although the FBI warrant of apprehension indicates him as a left-handed person. Suspicious factors? From 4.-14 July 2001 is Osama am shop in a hospital in Dubai to have been and attendance of the CIA leader from Dubai have received there. ?

    It is to have given before the notice plans for a military employment in Afghanistan. (whether these plans went beyond planning games, how they were made in the cold war, not well-known) planning is for the Iraq war gave it according to that a 2002 dismissed Minister of Finance von George Bush, Paul O'Neill, already with its accession. ? One of the flight schools, in which presumed Arab assassins were trained, belongs to Jeb Bush, brother of George W. Bush. ? The terrorist attacks at the WTC still took place before the opening times for tourists. The terrorist attacks at the pentagon at a range in that renovation work took place and on the opposite side to Rumsfelds office. ? In all airplanes few passengers were relative. ? The relatives suspecting of the Osama are shop could problem-free the country leave. They were officially never asked and cross-examined. Too damage some critics of the "official version" it are "smaller" the opinion that real terrorists, in order to tear still more humans would have more effectively worked into death. The following things could have been arranged "more effective": ? The airplanes were relatively empty all. ? The towers of the WTC were not so strongly filled in the Tuesday morning before 9 o'clock.

    The victim number could have thus more highly failed at another time. Also a hit would probably have caused a larger damage into the deeper floors. ? The pentagon suffered only one damage in a part, in which renovation work was accomplished; it was additional the only part, in which there were bomb-safe windows. The victim numbers failed accordingly small. ?

    4. Airplane fell simply over a field. 7 23 minutes to early 2007 were made accessible to BBC reporting of the collapse of WTC on archiv.org several photographs of the live-berichterstattung from 11 September. On the transmitters BBC and BBC 24 is already reported to 16:57 by the collapse by WTC 7, which found however only 17:20 instead of. Particularly embarrassingly it is here that with a BBC interview with the Reporterin Jane Standley is reported locally by the building collapse, while one sees WTC 7 simultaneous in the background. This interview apparent by technical disturbances some minutes before one the collapse would have seen interrupted. CNN moderator Aaron Brown reported already 16:54 that WTC 7 collapsed "or straight collapses". Some critics of the official version see this as proof for it that these news stations had Insiderwissen, there it them would have been otherwise impossible the collapse to predict, because so far ever a building with steel skeleton due to a fire did not collapse. Also such a forecast is only possible if the collapse time admits is, what supports the thesis of a controlled breakup.
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    wäre euch sehr dankbar für eine schnelle verbesserung! lg fabian

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