ich muss folgende Texte in Reported Speech (Indirekte Rede) umschreiben und hab aber leider keinen Plan wie das geht, kann mir vielleicht büüüüüde jemand helfen?

Text 1:

When a new Batman story 'The Killing Joke' was published in 1988, Brian Bolland, who drew the pictures for the book, was interviewed for a magazine article. Here are some of the things he said:

"I've always loved comics. I drew my first comics as a teenager. Later I went to Art College. Then after that I joined a Company publishing all kinds of comics. I've worked on lots of famous figures, including Superman."
"To me, Batman is a creature of the night. In my opinion, Adam West, who played Batman on TV, would never f frighten his enemies. That's why I made Batman a darker, stronger figure."
"There's going; to be a new Batman film soon. I had the chance to work on the film, but. I won't have time. I'll be too busy with all my other work."
I’m always happy to help kids who want to draw comics. 1t they practise a lot, they'll have a better chance of making it in the world of comics. So the best advice is simply to keep on drawing.

Text 2:

"Read out the requests nice and clearly, David. Don't speak too quickly.
Don't think about how many people are listening. Imagine you’re talking a good friend.
Check that you've got the right record. And don't forget to get each record ready while the one before is playing.
Don't worry if you make a mistake. Just be yourself - and enjoy yourself!"

Ich wäre euch sooo dankbar wenn ihr mir helfen könntet brauch das bis morgen.
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