Ich habe eine Kurze Characterisation zu Maneer aus East is East geschrieben.
Knnte bitte jemand mal rberlesen und mir sagen ob ich alles richtig geschrieben habe.

Maneer Khan played by Emil Marwa is one of the seven children of Ella and George Khan. He has brown hair and often wears a cap. He lives with his family in a house in England. His parents are Ella and George Khan.
George is Pakistani and he wants that his children live according to Islam. But the most of his children do not want to live according to Islam but Maneer. Maneer is the only one of the seven children who does not deny the Islam and his fathers worldview. Manner voluntarily goes to the mosque and can speak Arabic. The brothers and his sister think that he is the fathers spy because he is (at the beginning) the only one who doesnt contradict his father. But that changes after George beats him and his mother because he protects his brothers. Maneer takes distance from his father and the traditions.
When the family of future women visits the Khan family the situation escalate. It is goes known that the children of Ella and George live the English culture. It comes to another dispute with the father where all children against him - also Maneer. In the end, George wants to improve for his family and let his children live how they want.
I think Maneer will choose to live like a Muslim and the Pakistani culture.

MfG Frank