Hello, my theme is Donald Trump. I think you already know that he ist the president of the united states and a billionaire. He is also often sexist and racist.(„Grab her by the pussy“)If I read something about his opinions, I must start laughing, because I can’t believe this is true .Things like an agreement for not-throwing atomic bombs and killing millions of peoples is for him the silliest he ever heard. But , first the basics of a presentation. Donald Trump was born at the fourteenth June 1946 in Queens, New York. He is the owner of the Trump Organisation, a billion dollar company.2009 he was registered as republican and 7 years later, he won the presidential election. Without an political authority or a Military Rang.And he won vs Hillary Clinton, the previous secretary of state.
Now I Start at the beginning: Donald Trump was born in Queens, New York. There he was on the Kew Forest School. On Saturdays he made secret trips to Manhattan, where he bought knifes. Later his Father found them. Because of that Donald must go on the New York Military Academy, where is much discipline and no luxury. There he started getting good Grades and something like that. After his degree, he studied economics at the Fordham University, the Warton School and the University of Pennsylvania, where he got his Bachelor.
Now to the racism and the sexism of Donald Trump
Often you hear that Donald Trump is racist and sexist. And this is right. By the First speech for the election, he said the Mexicans are dealing with drugs, are criminal and are rapist .In TV Megyn Kelly confront, that he has woman, who don’t like him, offends with something. like (Video). Now you can see his answer (Video).Now I have a compilation of silly, racist or sexist things he said

Das war der Text.Ich habe ihn für eine Englisch Präsentation in Form eines Films geschrieben.Es wäre nett,wenn jemand ihn korrigieren könnte
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