Hey. ich musste als Englisch-hausaufgabe den Film "Das Streben nach Glück" zusammenfassen.[auf englisch]
wäre nett, wenn ihr mal drüberschauen könntet,und mir sagen könntet,wo ich Fehler habe , oder sonstiges..
danke im voraus ..

Pursuit of happiness

Chris Gardner lives in the beginning of the 1980th years in San Francisco and works as an autonomous bagman. He tries, to sell novel things, which have an exiguous better breakup than normal gadgets.But they're dobble expensive, why he's not so succesful.
His wife Linda leaves him, she could'nt abide the finiancal bearing anymore.
After Linda left with his son, Chris fetched his soon back, because he didn't want that his son grows up without a father.
Chris searchs a well paid job. He gets a six-months internship in a bank, which is outstandig, but theres a chance for a permanent position.Just one candidate of the interns gets a permanent position. For assuring the living for him and his son Christopher, he has to work next to his internship along as a bagman.Because he's not getting it by to sell effectual of his offer, he and Christopher have to move out of the hired flat and to live some months in a motel, until they can't pay the local hire , too.So they end up on the street.Although they're from now on homeless, Chris gives his right arm, to follow his two jobs and - more important - to be a good father for his son.

In the end of the film, so after six month in the action, Chris completes successful the annual examination of his work experience placement and the bank appoints him.
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