bin ja neu hier in dem Forum und würde mich freuen, wenn jemand diesen Text Korrektur lesen könnte und verbessern würde.

Danke, würde mich auch revanchieren, Text is für die 13. Klasse LK oder Neigungsfach.

My own idea: What happened to Muni after he had left the American?

Muni went away happy and even more highly pleased about the great trade he had just made. He entered the local tavern, drank tea with his few friends and told them about his shortly made wealth. Some of them were believing Muni, but some were questioning the mind of the old Muni. But now, the rumours were spreading all-over the village, because the friends of Muni had gone home and had told their families about Muni.
The very next day, Muni woke up because of some noise in front of his tiny hut.Muni looked and there were a lot of people and after Muni had come out of his hut, still very sleepy, they rushed at him and asked questions about the American and the money. Muni could not understand all this excitement because he thought he had only told the story to his friends. But in this case, he was too naïve, Muni couldn’t imagine people, who were interested in an old Indian farmer.

Well, from this time on he had no quiet hour anymore. Everybody wanted to meet him, talk to him and most of them they wanted his money. They offered him land to agriculture, new goats and a lot of houses, because some knew that Muni would like to open a small shop.
In the afternoon Muni was terribly annoyed by a man, who owned a house at the main road. The man woke Muni up, who had just fallen asleep in the shadow of a big rock, and offerd Muni his house for onehundred rupees. Muni asked back, whether for 120 rupees he could finally have his calmness. The man accepted it and Muni was at last happy again. Now he was once again the old Indian farmer, believing in the Hindu gods. He wanted to thank god, by praying to the statue in the village. He went to the statue of the horse, it was still there, but a few centimeters displaced. Somebody must have tried to move it. But Muni wasn’t interested in that, he prayed a long time and at the end, he suddenly heard the sound of goats. He turned around, and saw his goats starving and moaning. Muni couldn’t believe how lucky he was, he thanked the statue and was now even more believing in the statue as a protection from evil. From this day on, Muni lived on happy to the end with his goats, lying in the shadow near the statue.

Danke Sebastian
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