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Thema: Summary von ,,Moon" by Chaim Potok

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    Standard Summary von ,,Moon" by Chaim Potok

    ich schreibe diesen Dienstag, eine Englischarbeit über das thema ,,Moon" aus dem Buch English G 2000 für´s gym. Könnt ihr mir eventuell helfen eine Summary auf Englisch oder Informationen über die Geschichte zu bekommen? Ich habe selbst schon im Internet geforscht und herausgefunden, dass die Kurzegeschichte ( die wir im Buch haben ) aus dem Buch ZEBRA AND OTHER STORIES, 1998 stammt..

    Ich würde mich echt super freuen, wenn ihr mir helfen könntet !
    Achtung: Dies ist ein alter Thread im Hausaufgaben Forum
    Diese Diskussion ist älter als 90 Tage. Die darin enthaltenen Informationen oder Fragen sind möglicherweise nicht mehr aktuell. Erstelle bitte zu deiner Frage ein neues Thema im Hausaufgaben Forum !!!!!

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    hey hey!! ich brauch unbedingt eure Hilfe!!! und zwar haben wir so hausaufgaben gekriegt!! und ich checks mal wieder voll nicht!! die Aufgabe heißt: The key scene : Choose what you think is the key scene in the story. Rewrite it as ascene from a play, with stage directions, and peform it for the class.
    na das soll was werden oder??? help me!! :P ich würde mich freuen

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    Standard Moon

    Hey, sag mal: Du gehst nicht zufällig aufs Schuldorf in Jugenheim?? Wir schreiben nämlich auch am Di Englisch über diese Geschichte...

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    The Factory
    I have always hated the factory. It has a gaunt steel frame like a skeleton. I've often imagined it
    without its red bricks, just an etching of black against a red sky.
    Of course, I've never said anything about this to anyone. Especially to Eric. You see, he
    5 loves the factory. He would like to put up his sign in those flashing neon lights that the city firms
    can afford. He saw a rainbow once over a petrol station there. I think he would have sold almost
    anything to have one of those on his roof.
    Every day he is up early. He sings in the shower and eats his breakfast quietly. He always reads
    the business section of the newspaper, then quarters it neatly.
    10 His days are like that. In four parts.
    The first is the morning, which I've mentioned. Then there's the day at the factory.
    That's in two: the morning and the afternoon. He uses the telephone to tell me when it's time for lunch. Just
    two rings. That's his code. Then five minutes later he's at the door, letting himself in.
    He reads at lunch, usually one of the classics. He didn't have much education.
    15 In fact, that's why I met him. We worked at the same factory, ten miles out of town. It
    manufactured shoes and boots. I was the boss's secretary, and Eric worked the floor.
    I'll always remember that first day. He was nervous, tried not to show it, but his hands shook.
    His hair was brown, his eyes were brown, and the factory overalls were brown. He almost faded
    into the background of brown leather shoes. Which was quite funny at the time.
    20 But I was describing his day. And he's not brown any more. Streaks of gray and a balding patch
    which he rakes over, spreading the hairs thinly across it. And he wears a suit. Usually gray, with a
    red handkerchief in the pocket. I suppose his eyes are still the same color, but I can't tell you. If
    you asked me, 1 just couldn't tell you.
    I did notice they were red tonight, which was unusual, but then the whole day was different.
    25 As though the four quarters came together and just rolled away.
    I could draw the second half of his day with my eyes closed.
    In the afternoon, he has a cup of tea in his office, then he works until six o'clock.
    Two rings on the telephone mean he's coming home for dinner. He has a good appetite and
    enjoys his food.
    30 In the evening he likes quiet. He always says that after such a busy day at the factory, he
    needs to sit and think. Which he does, with his eyes closed, his elbow on the chair, and his thumb
    and one finger pressed against his forehead. Or sometimes he just sits and stares into space.
    Eric always goes to bed early. He feels fresh then for the next day.
    But now the next day won't come. It won't be Eric's day, and his eyes are red. I've never seen
    35 him cry before.
    I said this day was different. It's night now, and soon the dawn will come. In the night, the sky
    was red. A brilliant red. That was beautiful. Black against red. Like a devil with horns or the
    final crashing chords of a great concerto.
    I loved it. Black skeleton of steel in a fiery night. Of course the fire brigade came. I didn't call
    40 them. It was beautiful just watching the sky burning. I don't think I will ever forget it. Eric was
    They came to tell us as soon as they arrived. Eric knew straight away it was all over.
    I love the night. Sometimes I stay up for hours, savoring it. The stars and that great arc of sky.
    The immense pattern, the changing moods of wind.
    45 Tonight it was special. It was different. And I feel very tired. But happy. An exhilarated feeling, a
    prickling right down my spine.

    “Mary Dilworth. The Factory“

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    Kann mir jemand bittttteeee ne summary darüber schreiben ...
    sehr wichtig

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    Kann mir jemand bittttteeee ne summary darüber schreiben ...
    sehr wichtig

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    die zahlen nicht beachten ..nur zeilen angaben

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    Standard HILLFEE!!!

    hEy ,
    es ist supa wichtig! Wir haben im buch auf der Seite 52. Die a) about moon und die B) the key scene auf . ES ist nocht so, dass ich hier nach einer antwort auf die fragen warte, weil ich zu faul bin um sie selbst zu erledigen, sondernw eil ich echt nichts verstehe! ES wäre voll net wenn jemand HEUTE noch ne Antwort schreiben könnte! Danke euch super mega doll

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    ich brauche auch sehr dringend die aufgaben zu dieser geschichte.
    wir müssen die aufgabe a (also 1-3) machen und die b
    kann mir BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTE jemand helfen...

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    Icke binz

    Standard Englisch *kotz*

    hallo =) ich brächte mal die übersetzung vpn text moon im English G 2000 buch für gymnasien... kann die mit jemand schicken??
    Wäre wichtig und dringend

    Liebe Grüße de nine xD

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