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Cleaning of the rain forest

500 years ago, the destruction of tropical rain forests began. But today it is faster than ever before.
Every year are 15 million hectares of forest destroyed. That is a third of the area of germany. Most affected are the tropical rain forests. All ten seconds a piece of rainforest is cleared, that is as big as a football field.In the time in which we pronounce the word”twenty-one”, is cleared more than a half of a football field. The consequences can be felt even now.

In the rain forests you will find the greatest biodiversity in the world. On one hectare of rainforest grow more than 500 different species of trees, about ten times more than in all European forests. The destruction of the rainforest is the main reason for the rapid and increasing global loss of biodiversity. About 40% of all known animal species and plant species are currently threatened with extinction.

A consequence of deforestation is that the ground heats up and that can change the local climate. It comes to the spread of deserts. The people who live there have to leave their country and have to live in the slums of the cities.

Particular the global climate is affected by the destruction of the rainforests. This leads to release of 1-2 billion tonnes of carbon per year and increases the greenhouse effect.
The main reason for the clearing is the recovery of agricultural land and grazing land. One more reason is the logging. For people in poor countries it serves to survive but for the others it´s just for money. Every year about 150 billion euros be earned with illegal wood exports.

The Amazon is the largest contiguous tropical rainforest on earth. Nearly the half is in Brazil. His diversity is not yet sufficiently researched. The Amazon is not only a habitat for animals and plants.
He is also a room with cultural diversity. The Amazon is home to several hundred indigenous peoples and of many communities of descendants of former African slaves.

But the Amazon also recorded the highest rate of deforestation. Each year, an area of Brandenburg is cleared in the Amazon. Now over 14% are destroyed. Main cause of deforestation is still the large-scale conversion of forests to agricultural land, especially in huge pastures and soybean growing areas for meat and feed export.

Also contributes illegal logging, which is estimated to be up to 80% of the total strike in a high degree of forest destruction. It is especially reduced mahogany, which is then exported to foreign countries. The largest part goes to Europe.

But not only the cleaning impair the rain forest. Also the people who dig for gold impair the forest. They didn´t only destroyed the forest, they also poison the rivers, because mercury flows into the rivers and so the animals die if they drink the water. That´s why the Amazon-dolphin is threated to die out.

Another problem are the oil accidents. And they are very often since 1972. The consequence is that the ground is strong loaded and the oil is poised into the rivers so that fishes and crocodiles have no chance to live.

But we can do something to save the rain forests and to reduce the cleaning. We all can use paper that is always used. We can buy food from our region and we can buy furniture that isn´t
build from the forest.
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