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The Global Village

Fiber-optic cable under the street means fast Internet connections,video phones with good pictures and hundreds of Tv channels.The network inside your house allows you to check your alarm sytstem and air conditioning from anywhere in the world.
Of corse you can log into your office from home. And why should you talk over the garden fence when you can chat on the Net.
Plan your next party by e-mail-the address of everyone in your town is on the town´s Internet.
You can even find a babysitter by reading the local bulletin boards-electronically,of course.
Your mobile phone is connected on the town´s network : use it to find out where your bus is,or get traffic reports on your way to work.Worried parents can check the video cam at the day-care center.
And because the bank and stores are all online,you can do everything from home: have your food brought to your house,for example.
The Hospital and school are also on the network,so you can talk to doctors and teachers,or get the latest information online.
You can plan your free-time activities online ,and find others to join you.

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